Business In A Bundle

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Entrepreneurship for complete beginners has just been made easier through our ‘Business In A Bundle’ package.


We welcome you to a community of NEW e-commerce entrepreneurs!! We are exctied to partner and coach you in the area of entrepreneurship.


*Week 1 This entails a one hour intital virtual consultation during which we would  collaborate to create a signature business concept. It is during this week that your website will begin to take shape, products sold are selected and you will learn how to add products to your website.

*Week 2 You will have a 30 minute strategy session to walk you through a step-by-step approach in running your e-commerce business. It is this week you will also begin to learn the back office of your business and our “secret” to what will make your e-commerce business stand above the rest.

*Week 3 Will be devoted towards the planning of launching a sustainable dropshipping e-commerce busines and reviewing your marketing strategy. As well, this is also the time any and all of your social media pages will be added to your website to help drive traffic and sales.

*Week 4 Is reviewing your overall business famework, your knowledge of how to run your business and making sure you are comfortable as a new e-commerce business owner.

YES!! What a deal to have 30 days of one/one coaching through our provided messaging system to ensure you have the guidance and support that you need. 

No more delay-it's time to get started on your path to financial freedom.